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The time has come...
by Becky (chrisondra)
at February 14th, 2005 (11:04 am)

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It's time for me to write another part of the history before I break down and write the page paper I have to write. thankfully, due to Valentine's Day, one of my teachers put off a paper an extra day so I don't have to worry about that until tomorrow or Wednesday. I like her so much.

So without further ado, I give you the portion of history that we happened to go over today in my British history class...

I give you the Black Death.

Rat's Vengeance

"But the massacre of the unicorns wasn't going to be the only test of our Rage during this time. Rat grew silent. As the 1300s fell around, the Bone Gnawers followed his example. Where we had no trouble finding them before, they suddenly seemed to avoid us. Maybe Rat whispered in their ears, or maybe they could simply feel the rage of his other children welling up within them. Whatever it was, we weren't warned by anything other than their odd behavior. No one seemed to have an explanation for it. That was until it came to Baghdad.

"We were the first hit of the western Garou. We had no warning from the East and our kin paid dearly for it. The Ratkin snapped, and the plague bearers, starting in the East, came down with a vengeance so strong that it is doubtful that we could have prepared for it. They didn't strike us through claws and teeth, and they didn't even strike us directly. No, they struck humanity, and through humanity, they struck at those dearest to us, our kinfolk. We were baffled when the plague first struck Baghdad and the eastern coast of the Mediterranian. Unicorn had sent to a few visions to be ready for a disease, and, as little as she sends visions about such things, we should have been better prepared, but we weren't. We didn't expect the catastrophe that followed. Entire villages in our homeland fell to the wrath of the Ratkin. Those along the trade routes were hit worst, and people started to leave them just to get away from the death. We did what we could to take in our kin and protect them. We searched for a cure, but we couldn't find one quick enough. Then we did the only other thing we could think of at the time. We sent warning via our connections throughout Europe. It was 1347, and it was too late.

"1348 and the rats struck England and France. The Fianna and Get watched as their kin died out from under them and tempers flared. People fell in the hundreds, and the plague didn't care to whom the person dying was related. The Fianna, as close to their kin as they've always been, were especially struck hard, just as England and Britanny were slammed by the rats. The Get only had a taste until the next year when it hit England again and spread widely to the homelands of the Get. The raging tempers only grew, and a second War of Rage was starting to boil underneath the Rage of the Get of Fenris and the Fianna. Then the final straw was pulled as the plague rushed into part of the homelands of the Silver Fangs. The monarchs who had been trying to hold the reins of the Get and the Fianna suddenly found their own kin dying in their arms. Kin had suffered and the enemies would pay.

"It was our turn to step up to the plate. Where the Fianna had been holding us back not all that long ago, we had to turn and do the same to them. Their Rage along with that of the Get and the Silver Fangs gave our Rage focus. All three tribes, and the others in lesser degrees, turned on the Bone Gnawers and started to hunt them down for what their totem had done. We had to stop them, and we used our burning tempers to do it. We defended the Bone Gnawers that we could, even from the claws of the Fianna. The Bone Gnawers were no better off than we were. If anyone had lost the most kin, it was probably them. But the Garou needed vengeance for the loss of their kin, and so they turned on the Ratkin and tried there. Once again we had to step in, but when we looked upon the few Ratkin we found, they weren't the same as we had heard in tales of old. No, there was something new in their eyes. A madness was rising to the fore of their minds, and we were left wondering whose madness it was. The Wyld's or the Wyrm's.

"There was no second War of Rage. We had success, but in the shadows of that success was a disaster. Forty percent. Forty percent of the population of all of Europe was wiped out. The castatrophe lasted for a hundred years as we sought to fight the plague anyway we could, though nothing came close to comparing to those first few years. On top of this, we made few friends during this time. If there was any time that started our reputation of being peaceniks, this was it. The Get and Silver Fangs were especially angry with us for having the courage to stand up to them and defend those they wanted to slaughter. But we couldn't just let them massacre other beings of Gaia. The Rage of the Garou only made relations harder to keep, especially when it came to the Bone Gnawers. Many Ratkin died, as we couldn't save them all, but they did what they had set out to do. They struck down the population of mankind. After this they went underground or fled back to the East. Sightings of the Ratkin became extremely rare, especially as the Rat Kin in the rare sightings had a tendancy to end up dead.

"We did all we could really do then. We picked up the pieces we could, we helped our kin and the kin of countless others, and we carried on. The Ratkin still have few friends to this very day."

There. Tell me what you think, of course! Now I must write that paper. Yes, I must.


Posted by: Laughing Hyena (laughinghyena)
Posted at: February 15th, 2005 12:15 am (UTC)

I think it's great.
As an artist after reading it, some very depressing and emotional images come to mind.

Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: February 16th, 2005 06:22 am (UTC)

Oh yeah, I got some of those images while writing it...

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: February 16th, 2005 06:25 am (UTC)

I'm really glad you guys like it so much! Yeah, I'm sure the Red Talons were thrilled with the whole thing. I made sure to write it too after reading a description of it written by a clergyman in England who was alive at the time. It was pretty gruesome.

>>Amusing that this event was preceded by the most vicious and thorough violence in Children of Gaia history.<<

::grins:: Wow. I honestly didn't even think about that. That is amusing. Go me!

YaY! Again, I'm glad you both like it!

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