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Bad me!
by Becky (chrisondra)
at May 14th, 2006 (02:53 am)
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Atmosphere: Kenny Logins - His kid CD

No, I haven't written anything. I really really need to. But I've been in a graphics mood lately... and so I redid the webpage!

... again.

But I really like how it looks this time! I was making the header and thought it would fit here really well!

I also put the image for border I like best back up. I really like the totems like that.

Okay! So there it is!

I'll slink out now!

Oh! And I notice someone's been helpful and did the tags thing!

YaY for Juju!


(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: May 15th, 2006 05:33 am (UTC)
Stag and Unicorn

To be honest, I don't *know* who gave the Litany to the Garou. In the Revised Corebook, it says the Garou themselves developed it to perserve the old ways and it's been handed down through oral tradition from pretty much the beginning. ::hunts down a 2nd edition corebook:: Doesn't say anything one way or another about it in there... Or Dark Ages... I don't know! ::grins:: And I don't know where to look. Hrm.

But yeah, the Concord would be huge and a great place, history wise, to go into all of that. I like the line of thought going on there a lot!

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