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I wrote something!
by Becky (chrisondra)
at May 20th, 2006 (07:31 pm)
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I really really did!

I started this with the Wyrm a long time ago. But I finished the Triat today:

The Triat

The Wyld:

The Wyld. The term seems to have a certain reverence that goes along with it. It’s what we have to fight to protect anymore. But the Wyld is no more our friend than the Weaver or the Wyrm. The Wyld is very much like a wounded animal at the moment, and it’s acting very much as such. If it or its creatures find reason for our destruction in order to help power it, it will attack us. If it feels it’s being threatened by us in any way, it will attack us. And since it knows it’s dying, the Wyld is out to get every advantage it can take.

We must protect it, of course. That’s a great part of our duty these days. The end of everything will come when the Wyld dies. In fact, it will come should any member of the Triat die. The Wyld is that from which everything is made. Should the Wyld die, there will be nothing left, and nothing more will be able to be made. The Weaver gives everything form, yes, but if she has nothing from which to craft her webs, then nothing new will ever come again. The insanity of the Wyrm will be released as it tears from Malfeas, and it will destroy everything with no idea or care that nothing will ever be formed again. Then, as it runs out of things to destroy, it will turn on itself and start with its own tail, ultimately destroying itself. This is why we defend the Wyld. Not because the Wyld is our friend, and not because the Wyld is part of the essence of the wilderness, but rather because it’s dying, and it will die if we do nothing. Along with the Wyld, Gaia will die.

The Wyld can have gentle forms, of that there is no doubt. But the Wyld from which a butterfly is born is the same Wyld from which all of us were born. It’s the same Wyld from which all the Wyrm creatures you can find were formed. The Wyld is just out to survive. Remember that. Give it the respect it deserves, certainly, but never think that it is the most important or friendly member of the Triat. Never think that it holds any gratitude towards the Garou because we’re fighting for its survival. It’s too injured to think that clearly, and it just wants to survive.

Indeed, if the Wyld were out of control and destroying the Wyrm, it would be our duty to protect the Wyrm.

The Weaver:

The Weaver represents what was, perhaps, the first failure of the Garou. Her insanity runs rampant as she tries to seal the world in a perfection that only she can understand. She wants nothing to change. There would be no hunger and no pain. No one would die, and nothing would be born. We would live together in perfect unity, and just carry on with our lives for eternity.

You can understand, I’m sure, the lure of this way of life, especially for some. The perfect unity, especially, is attractive. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if more Children of Gaia fall to the Weaver than do Glass Walkers. It’s hard to resist, and she knows that this is our weakness, so to speak. Our desire for unity among the tribes can be too strong at times, and this proves it. Beware her whispers.

And if you want to know what’s wrong with this world view, and why you should resist it, visit any Fianna. The passion of life would be gone. You wouldn’t hate anyone, but you wouldn’t love anyone either. You wouldn’t find wonder in the wilderness or spirit of Gaia any longer, it would just exist. Any moment you might feel your spirit soar, from watching a sunset to seeing a living unicorn, would be lost to you. Life would just be that, life. For this reason, we have to accept that we will always have to face conflict, and while unity of the tribes will be a wonderful thing, perfect unity is something only the Weaver can offer.

The price is not worth it.

I mentioned that the Weaver represents the first failure of the Garou. I should elaborate on that a little. When the Weaver went insane, she first tried to capture the Wyld. The Wyld proved to be too elusive, and does still to this day despite her greatest attempts. When she turned to the Wyrm, we should have been there. When she was weaving her webs around the beast, we should have been fighting her and her insanity back with tooth and claw. When she was standing victorious over the newly formed Malfeas, our dead should have lain around her. But they didn’t. Not only did we fail, we didn’t even try. The balance was failing, and we weren’t there to stop it. Could we have? That’s up for debate, of course, but together, I think we could have made a difference. We’re here to keep the balance, just as the Balance Wyrm was. How ironic is it that we now must face the tormented and twisted version of what was perhaps closest to us other than Gaia and Luna because of our failure? Perhaps this is why the Wyrm seems to make a more active attempt to lure us to him and why it’s so much easier for most Garou to fall to him.

The Wyrm:
Yet, despite everything, we must remember that the Wyrm cannot be destroyed. Seriously, if we destroy a member, any member, of the triat, all is lost as Gaia’s plan dies. I believe a friend of mine puts it best so I will tell you her words.

Fight the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds. How can we possibly live completely up to this? It's impossible. The Wyrm dwells within all of us... and not only there, but it is still part of nature's delicate dance. All we can do to fight the Wyrm within us is accept that it is part of us. The acceptance is the hardest part. If it weren't so hard, many more of us could go to Summer Country. But as the Wyrm's condition worsens, the more the Garou wish that it were not a part of us at all.

One day, several years ago, I was sitting on the beach at the precise moment in time when a clutch of newly born turtles dug themselves up from the sand and started their race for the ocean. Then I saw the first seagull swoop in. My instinct was to jump up and defend the turtles that were making their desperate sprint for the promise of the waves, but I stopped myself and simply watched. Many of the turtles were lost on the way to the ocean, and I know many more were lost in the ocean when predators found them there. And there, laid out right before my eyes, was nature in perfect harmony. The turtles, pieces of the Wyld, given form by the Weaver, raced to the waves as the Wyrm did its part through those who picked up the turtles on their way. But then, to have fought the Wyrm would have been to protect and shield the turtles.

I believe the Balance Wyrm is still there.. somewhere within the insanity that the Wyrm suffers, its original purpose is still shining through. So many others say that healing the Wyrm is an impossible cause... But then what is our goal? We can't destroy the Wyrm, and by plotting to do so, what makes our prime goal any better than the prime goal of the Black Spirals? They wish to kill the Wyld... Many of us wish to kill the Wyrm... either way, one of the great beings dies and the world of balance, Gaia's precious plan, is lost.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we need to stop fighting the Wyrm. By all means, I believe the Wyrm of Balance wishes us to fight his insanity in anyway we possibly can... whether it be claw and tooth, or through medicine. Fight the Corrupted Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds. But be cautious of the Balance Wyrm. It must still be there somewhere. Balance is still fighting. It can be seen in nature where the corruption hasn't touched down yet. If we kill the Wyrm of Balance, all is lost.

These are the words of a Child of Gaia Theurge who goes by the name of Speaks-with-the-Wind. Heed them, for they hold much wisdom within them, and I certainly don’t think I could have put it any better.

I did, however, say I would mention the Dancers briefly. The Children of Gaia, as many see it, are all about hunting down people to just drag them away and try to “save” them no matter how bad they are or if they’ll kill us in the process. I’m going to tell you here and now that, while we help those we can, we know full well that there are those out there who would be much better off dead than converted. Whether the victim be a Dancer or a Fomor, sometimes the only way to free them is to kill them. Never try to convert a pack of Dancers. A pack has each others’ backup, making their faith stronger. In a way it works the same as them trying to corrupt one of us. They will never corrupt an entire pack all at once in the same room. A pack feeds off of the strength of one another, making their will almost impossible to break. It’s when you break them apart that it’s harder to work with. The same method must be used the other way around. If you are with your pack and you see a pack of Dancers, by all means, kill them if you can. If you manage to take one alive, then try to help. But don’t be too upset if you can’t. Remember, the saving of Dancers make up legends.



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Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: May 21st, 2006 10:56 pm (UTC)


Actually, the thing I liked best about it was the Weaver capturing the Wyrm being the first true failure of the Garou. I don't think that's actually been brought up in any of the books, at least not that I remember, and when you think about it, it's true.

And the Garou didn't even *try*. You can't convince me that they didn't know a member of the freaking *Triat* was going through hell, quite literally. They stood by as Gaia's plan went to shit, and they'll never know if that's the sole reason the world is in the state it's in today.

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Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: May 22nd, 2006 01:17 am (UTC)

See, that wouldn't make sense to me, cause the Weaver went nuts after she got the power to name things. Gaia wouldn't give an insane Weaver the power to name things, and the power to name is what actually drove her nuts. Gaia never took the power to name back, so the things she named, including the changers, had to be named prior to the Weaver going nuts.

As for the purpose they served, I always figured they were the claws and tooth of the Wyrm. Something that most would like to just forget (and by now, most have forgotten), considering what's going on. The Triat may have been in balance, but the Wyrm, Wyld, and Weaver weren't the only beings in existence at the time. They didn't all personally take care of everything, just like they don't all personally take care of everything in the current day. They would still have their... servants (for lack of a better word coming to mind at the moment) who would help them carry out their purpose in the world. They were there to carry out, in part, the aspect of the Wyrm. They culled what needed to be culled, they fought anything that started to get out of hand, and while the Triat was in perfect balance, they did so very well. They destroyed what the Wyrm stated needed to be destroyed.

You could make a case, though, the Luna didn't grant them Rage until after the Weaver went nuts. It would help them deal with the fact that the world was going nuts, and since Gaia named them and Luna gave them Rage, it's very possible that the two happened at different times.

But, since, at least from what I remember reading, Gaia didn't name anything after she gave the power to the Weaver, the Garou couldn't have been named afterwards.

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Posted by: Becky (chrisondra)
Posted at: May 22nd, 2006 03:02 am (UTC)

::nods and then grins:: Makes for interesting conflicts at least. I tend to rely most on the story in Axis Mundi as *the* story, though. But I haven't read it in awhile. I need to read it again.

I have school finishing for now though, but I should have time when I'm away with my mom and visiting and such to get some reading in, especially on the way there.

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