The Children of Gaia Revised Revised Tribebook

To make readers truly understand the Gaians

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This community is set up to aid in a group fan project. Those here are those who were not impressed with the Revised Children of Gaia Tribebook that was put out by White Wolf. This isn't a fault of White Wolf, really, but we fans, especially those who have the Children of Gaia as their favorite tribe, eh Juju?, have gotten together and decided that we are going to write our own tribebook. The Children of Gaia are perhaps the most misrepresented group throughout the Werewolf game. Frankly, this irritates us, and the fact that the last Tribebook only pushed many of the stereotypes did not improve our moods!
Okay, that's what the community is about. If you are interested in seeing what's going on, go ahead and join. If you are working on this project, join NOW! Ahem, you get my point. ::hides the gun behind her back:: But you're not at gun point or anything. Really. No, my shoelaces are not crossed.